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Here at DG, we know you've all been biting your nails in anticipation to find out who won the 2008 DG award for each media, music, sports and business section. To tell the truth, for a while the survey score was incredibly close, but after months of deliberation your 200,000+ votes finally came through. “Thank you, to all our sponsors, in particular Hyundai Ghabbour for their continuous support. Furthermore a special thanks to Engineer Mohamed Eissa who designed and assembled the plaques.”
It's 6:30am and the city of Cairo, is just rolling out of bed, but the DG Team are already up to their elbows in last minute preparations for the biggest event of the year - Sure, perhaps Dear Guest's 5th Annual Festival may have been initially threatened by the war on Gaza – but that didn't stop the stars from shining… On the night of January 30th 2009, at Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel Cairo - Elegance, sophistication and sheer excitement united. By 9:30pm all the guests had arrived - Thus began an exquisite night; Pousy Shalaby hosted the evening which was held in honor of Cinema Diva, Madiha Yousri.
This years DG's 5th Festival Award ceremony was covered by over 70 Satellite channels and newspapers. Read on as we give you the latest scoop and an exclusive sneak-peek at this year's hottest buzz. Prepare to gasp with delight as you feast your eyes upon a delectable array of stunning celebrities as they strolled down the red carpet in haute couture - exhibiting the season's hottest fashion.
Madiha Youssry, Lebleba, Nadia El Gendy and Ezzat El-Alayli were among the honorees awarded for their success story as their names continue to be recognized among fames legendary prodigies.The entire guests of celebrity succumbed to Nancy; the evenings unveiling act as she captured the audiences focus and hearts with her unique Congo playing technique. Everyone sat back and listened to the beauty and power of a single woman with a single Congo.
Amr Diab was voted best singer since 2004, whilst Mohamed Hamaki and Samira Said won the title of best male and female vocalist. In addition, singing sensation Somaya El-Khashaab mesmerized our hearts with her latest single 'Gaza', while Shaza Hassoun, best rising female singer, Hossam Habib, best album and Mohamed Nour, best viro clip; each performed individual gigs subsequent to receiving their awards. The award for best rising male singer went to Mohamed Kammah. Amir Te'ema won best song writer and Tamim won the award for best music arranger.
Khaled Youssef received the award for best director throughout 2008 and the distinctive Ayman Bahgat Amar was voted best script writer. Magdy Kamel was conferred for his role in "Nassar" along with Dahlia El-Behery for her role in "Sarkhet Ontha". Khaled El-Sawy was also among the guests who received appreciation awards for his exceptional role in "Cabaret". Ghada Adel won the title for best female actress. Ahmed Helmy’s latest movie “Asef ala El Ezaag” was voted best movie throughout 2008, on top he took home best male actor in addition to best comedian. Hopeful talents Mohamed Adel Imam and Dorra Zarouk were also awarded as best rising actors.
Amr Adib took home his award for best male TV presenter, and his talk show “Al Qahira Al Youm” won the award for best program. Mona El Shazly was chosen as best female TV presenter. Nile FM's Inas El-Shawaf was attributed for best contents award in 2008 and Mahmoud Morshid was awarded as best cinema make-up artist. Emad Kassem, Harmony Press and M3webz were also accredited on the behalf of DG for their appreciation as cohorts in success. Ahmed Shobeir's broadcast, 'El Kora Ma'a Shobeir' was awarded as best sports program, while Mohamed Abu Treka maintains his title of best soccer player.
Sherif Mounir and Gamal Ismael were both acknowledged for their roles in "Qalb Mayet", which also won best Ramadan series. While the Group Achievement award went to the cast of 'Zay el Naharda." Basma, Ahmed El Fishawy, Mohamed Hefzy and director Amr Salama were all in attendance to receive their award. If there were any negatives at this years DG Festival night, it was that it came to an end. Nobody left disappointed. In fact, the majority left with new appreciations for one another's achievements.
Below we've listed the winning awards for each corporate categories;
Best car – Mercedes                              
Best Fast food chain – Cook Door
Best Mobile – Nokia
Best Drink – Coca Cola
Best fashion house – Mango
Best Bank – Arab African Bank
Best Shopping centre – Stars Centre City Stars
Best selling car – Hyundai
Best Arabi Movie Channel – ART
Best Music Company – Rotana
Best Music channel – Mazzika
Best Series Channel – ART Hekayat
Best Production Company – Good News
Best TV Channel – Al Hayah
Best TV ad campaign – "Coca Cola"
Best sports Wear – Adidas
Best sports channel – Modern Sports
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