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Letter From Dalia

“Run when you can, Walk when you have to, Crawl if you must, Just never give up”

It is a new year, so we all should have new dreams, goals, and aims and work hard for it. Don't give up on your dreams and always think positive, new and out of the box to reach your dreams.

As usual at this time of the year we celebrate our annual festival, DG annual festival. It was on Friday 23rd of December at the breathtaking Dusit Thani Lake View Hotel. For 13 years and till now, we are aiming to be on top and to lead all the festivals of its kind. This year a huge number of celebrities attended the event and enjoyed the night a lot. Elegance and love were present for the whole night and among all, don't miss the exclusive coverage for this fabulous night inside...

It is Valentine time and we all should feel the love, celebrate it and live it in every possible way. Life without love is like a deserted desert that leads to emptiness and unhappiness.

DG features is celebrating valentines with a lovely article by Dahlia Nassar" 25 ways to celebrate Valentines ", more interesting and useful articles for all the readers inside this chapter, we have "Racism and the loss of uniqueness " by Sherin Magdy, " When beauty is unfair" by Hossam El Maghraby, " Back to basics " by Rachida Islam.

DG all around section is hosting a lovely and exquisite group of hotels.If you are looking for a different and unique experience for your vacation, this should be your choice as you will find fun, amusement, tranquility, elegance, and all what you need for a great vacation. And it is for all tastes and needs.

Don't forget to "Explore the World of Al Dau Developments", you will find all inside this issue. Hope this issue is up to our beloved readers expectations and meets your needs.

Dalia Mohamed         
Managing Editor & Director
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