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Go ‘MAXI’ With a Hilton ‘MINI’

This summer, make your mini break a ‘maxi’ one, with Hilton’s new summer ‘2 for 1’ offer. If you book a break with Hilton Family of Hotels between 19th June and 17th August, minimum 2-night stay before 31st August, your second night is free and subsequent nights are 50% off. Kids stay and eat free. According to Jeff Baker, Vice President Promotions for the Hilton Family, the ‘2 for 1’ offer is about giving holidaymakers the option to either take a short break or stay on longer, at half the price. “More than ever people are looking at ways to take timeout, whether it’s for a short break close to home or an extended stay abroad. We’ve created the ‘2 for 1’ offer so summer holidays are more affordable for customers, for instance a 2-night mini break could now be a 4-night ‘maxi’ break at the same price*!”



New Motorsport Television Program

Providing fans around the world with behind-the-scenes access to many of today’s popular, international professional racing circuits and successful race teams, ExxonMobil today announced the launch of a new, weekly 30-minute television series devoted to motorsports entitled, “Mobil 1 The Grid”. The show was aired for the first time on April 1st at 19.30 pm on local satellite channel Auto Moto TV. Fox Sports ME and Showtime Arabia are also airing “Mobil 1 The Grid”; the series airs on Fox Sports on Thursday’s at 17:30 and on Showtime on Wednesday’s at 17:00.



French Press Trip

Conrad Cairo recently hosted a VIP press trip from France. The quick visit was loaded with exciting activities where the press enjoyed the essence of Cairo, and luxury service of Conrad Cairo. The group toured the hotel, impressed by the top quality and the luxury of Conrad Cairo.They were also exposed to the cultural celebration of an Egyptian wedding, which was held in the hotel during their stay. Seen in the photo, the French press gathering with Simat Eldika-Director of PR & Communications .



Conrad Cairo Scoops Business Awards

Conrad Cairo leads the business forefront in Egypt, winning two awards. Conrad Cairo is named Best Business Hotel in Cairo by readers votes Business Traveller Middle East Awards 2009. The Award is a recognition of the hotel achievement in providing exceptional levels of quality service. Topping this Award, Conrad Cairo is also named Best Business Hotel in Egypt by the readers and judge panels of Business Destinations UK second annual Awards 2009. The Award identify world’s leading companies on the business forefront. Seen in the picture: Kevin Brett, General Manager and Simat Kamel, Director of PR and Communications with the two awards.

بالعربى إلى ...

الشماتة الإعلامية
شئ غريب جدا وفيروس خطير جدا ينتشر بسرعة رهيبة بين الاعلاميين على القنوات التليفزيونية الارضية منها والفضائية . انها الشماته المقززه ....
فمنذ عدة شهور ماضية ليست بالقليله نشب خلاف كبير بين بعض الاخوه الصحفيين و أحمد شوبير حيث وجهوا له التهمه بسبهم ، و بغض النظر عن صحه الاتهام من عدمه تحول عدد ليس بالقليل من الاعلاميين فى قنوات فضائية مختلفة و سخروا برامجهم للشماته فى الرجل و جعلونى اكرر المثل القائل " الشاطر لما يقع بتكتر سكاكينه ".
منذ ايام حدثت مشكلة اخرى عندما قرأ عمرو أديب احدى الصحف الجنوب افريقية التى اتهمت لاعبى منتخبنا افتراء و ايضا بغض النظر عن المشلكة ذاتها و التى لا اتفق فيها مع كيفيه عرض عمرو للمشكلة ومع انه ظهر فى حلقة اليوم التالى للقاهرة اليوم معتذرا عما بدر منه ، لكن فيروس الشماته كان قد انتشر و تملك من عدد ليس بالقليل من الاعلاميين فى القنوات المختلفة فوجدت نفسى اردد نفس المثل " الشاطر لما يقع بتكتر سكاكينه". أعرف شكله بس..

AC Awards

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