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MARIA The Barbie CoQuette

When I met her I felt that she is just a little girl. She is a beautiful, active and romantic character, who lives in the fairy tale stories. Maria impressed me with her spontaneous and natural way, and her trust in GOD. Many have criticized her art, but this has not stopped or discouraged her. This has increased her determination to excel in her career. We have talked about everything in life and this interview will show Maria’s personality and thoughts…
Your First appearance was in “Elaab” video clip, and then you disappeared and came back what were the reasons?
My disappearance was because of the war in Lebanon, and I could not stay in the country and could not pursue my career.
What was your reaction about the flow of criticism you got since your beginnings?
If there is criticism that  means my work attracts peoples’ attention. The audience and critics differ in their tastes; therefore some like me and some criticize me; I respect and hear all criticism and take what I would benefit from. Sometimes criticism benefits the artist since it serves as a guide for him/her. Anyways, I only do what I think is best for me.

Meridien Dahab Resort

The newly opened Le Meridien Dahab Resort celebrated the achievement of all head departments who passed their first training course since hotel opening with merits.


What english magazine you like the most?
DG (Dear Guest)

Hotel Les Frenes

A Napolean-style villa built in 1880, Hotel Les Frênes combines the style and charm of a Provençal hideaway with the convenience of being just five minutes from the papal city of Avignon. A haven of tranquillity, the hotel is first and foremost a family affair dedicated to comfort and the finest Provençal cuisine.

The pillars of Customer Service

The essence of developing any customer service strategy is to classify and segment the customers to be serviced. It is like classic market segmentation, albeit on a smaller scale. Your goal remains the same: to isolate a homogeneous set of customers whose needs can be served at a profit.Generally, you need to address three aspects in formulating your customer service strategy: customer segmentation, cost-to-serve analysis, and revenue management.


Le Meridien Pyramids hotel

Le Meridien Pyramids hotel is always committed to Excellence & lately the Training department at the Hotel organized the latest training seminar for all head of Departments on how to interview and choose the right candidates.

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