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Sensimar Makadi Hotel...

Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises is proud to introduce the 1st Sensimar property in Egypt, Sensimar Makadi Hotel, located in Madinat Makadi, just 30 km from Hurghada. Sensimar Makadi is a modern style hotel offering a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere guarantying a truly memorable holiday, no matter how relaxing or active you want it to be! Beach and water sports are just a few of the daytime activities that the hotel has to offer, in addition to a buffet restaurant, bars and pubs on site. Two heated swimming pools and shaded poolside areas make a convenient break from the glorious private beach and the warm waters of the Red Sea. Additional facilities include laundry service, gift shops, 24 hour concierge, telephone and fax services. A health club with sauna and Jacuzzi is also available at the neighbouring Makadi Spa located only 250m from the hotel. Experience the new sensations that stand at the heart of the SENSIMAR brand.



U.A.E. Football Federation’s trophy...

Egypt, Alexandria, September 2009: Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza has been selected by the FIFA to be the official venue for the U.A.E football team & federation accommodation during the FIFA 20 U World Cup competition. All team players, management as well as the U.A.E. federation expressed their deep appreciation of the warm welcome, professional, consistent service, and the personalized attention given to the team to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. ” I do appreciate your efforts very much, and I’m certain that the team would have never received such hospitality and outstanding service elsewhere.” Said Mr. Metref Ali, U.A.E. Team Manager. Ahmed Salama General Manager of Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza & Mohamed Adam Director of sales receiving the U.A.E. Football Federation Trophy from Rashed Aly Hammad Al Zoghaby U.A.E. Football Association Member. U.A.E Football team with Hans Schiller, Director of Operations, Mohamed Adam, Director of Sales, Dina Salem, Public Relations Manager, Nevine Haggar, Guest Relations Coordinator.



Sheraton Sharm accomplished

Translate “Try” into “Win” was the slogan of the Starwood Global Sales Blitz week “The Race” for EAME hotels. the blitz conducted successfully by the Sales & Marketing team of Sheraton sharm Hotel, Resort, Villas & Spa to cover 50 travel and corporate accounts in 5-days activity. The team engaged with their customers to pursue every possible lead, exploring new opportunities, solidifying existing relationships and identifying new potential business for Starwood Hotels & Resorts worldwide.



TUI Environment Champion

The Mövenpick El Quseir Resort is proud to announce that the resort has received the TUI Environment Champion Award 2009 for the fourth consecutive year. “This Award is a special acknowledgement for our holiday resort and it shows that our many efforts on behalf of the environment have born fruit,” said Klaus Graesslin, General Manager of the Mövenpick Resort El Quseir. The Mövenpick Resort El Quseir was opened in 1994 in an idyllic location on the Red Sea, 140 kilometers south of Hurghada. In a desire for the resort to harmonize with spectacular scenery of the area, the architect designed a Nubian style village in tones of terracotta and peach. The 250 rooms are housed in clusters of stone-clad bungalows with high domed ceilings, set in gardens that quickly created their own eco-system. As the palms, flowering shrubs and herbaceous plants began to mature they attracted many species of birds, insects and small reptiles in an area that had once only consisted of barren rock and sand.


بدون عنوان
كعادتى قمت بشراء جميع الصحف الاسبوعية يوم الخميس فى طريق عودتى الى البيت حيث أفضل كثيرا القراءة كل خميس لهدوء المنزل حيث تخرج زوجتى مع أصدقائها بإصطحاب الاطفال فيكون المنزل هادئا تماماو بالمرور و قراءة كل صحيفة تلو الاخرى من سياسية الى إجتماعية الى رياضية توقفت كثيرا عند بعض الصحف التى تثير حفيظتى من كثرة الأخبار السلبية و الانتقادات اللاذعه و فى أوقات كثيرة المتجاوزة لحدود الأدب و اللياقة . نعم .. هناك أشياء سلبية كثيرة تحدث و هناك فساد فى المجتمع المدنى و هناك تجاوزات لا أقبلها فى حق المواطنيين و هناك بعض الوزراء الذين يحتاجون الى إعادة النظر فى أشياء كثيرة داخل وزاراتهم و لكن ان لا يوجد خبر إيجابى واحد فى جريدة مكونة من 23 صفحة !! هل هذا يعقل . نعم هناك سلبيات كثيرة كما ذكرت و لكن ألا يوجد خبر إيجابى واحد يستحق الذكر فى تلك الصحف؟!!

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