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September 2008

Kevin Brett

Kevin Brett has joined conrad hotels & resorts, the global contemporary luxury hotel brand, as general manager all operational efforts wioth a focus on furthar enhancing the...

Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben, dutch footballer who currently plays as awinner for real madrid and also apart of the netherlands national football team chose hyatt regency to stay during his

Gorgeous Star Razan

Gorgeous Star Razan has recently visited grand hayatt cairo to photo shoot the latest trend of swimming suites fashion. Razan chose the swimming pool, located directly on the nile, as alocation to...


Grand Rotana Resort & Spa has been chosen to host President Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi and Ghanian President J.A Kufuor heading 364 delegates duringthe 11th African Union Summit that was...

CS&T Seeks Best Quality

Customer Service and Training (CS&T) Company has successfully obtained a membership in the reputable Mystery Shopping Provider Association (MSPA). Achieving membership of this highly regarded association is the fruition of years of successful hard work. The continuing success of the Mystery Shopping service is highly dependent on ethics, which CS&T have effectively maintained throughout.

Why Dear Guest?

I have received several mails and friends' questions about the reason behind the (Dear Guest name). Simply, any one of us is a guest, whether for a few minutes buying grocery at the super market, a few hours on board a flight, a few days in a fancy hotel for a long waited vacation, a lifetime commitment with your bank or mobile operator or even reading a magazine as such, your expectations of the quality of service should not be compromised, so I came to the conclusion that every one on earth is a guest or on the other meaning customer being served by some one else.

About Dear Guest (DG)

Dear Guest (DG) Company - Egyptian Magazine successfully released its Business & Life Style Egyptian magazine in 2002 which have clearly & rapidly found its way to be one of the best Egyptian English magazine in the market. In addition of the normal coverage and articles that all other Egyptian magazines in the market present, DGmagazine focuses on all customer service related issues through its main chapters such as, Egyptian Mystery shopping chapter, Enrich your Knowledge and all marketing & customer services articles within the Egyptian market all in one magazine.

DG Magazine also interviews executives through our executive of the month chapter, lady of the month chapter, even further by focusing on either an industry or an organization in terms of customer satisfaction in the Egyptian market.

SmS الي ...

محمد سعد: رغم المجهود الجبارالمبذول من جانبك لكن السقوط متواصل ، راجع نفسك بصدق و إفتكر إنت كنت ما بتعملش ايه أيام تصوير اللمبى و ما تعملوش يا سعد إنزل للأرض شوية.
أحمد حلمى: إنت جامد.
سميرة سعيد: الكبير كبير برضه.
إليسا: أكيد تأكدتى دلوقتى إن مش كل الجوائز بتتباع مبروك الميدل إيست ميوزيك أوورد ولو إنك لم تحضري.
محبى عمرو دياب: فوجئت بأن أحد مواقع الفنان الجميل عمرو دياب يصنف مجلتنا على أنها أكبر أعداء الهضبة وتعجبت كثيرا لهذا الموقف حيث لم يحدث بيننا و بين الفنان عمرو دياب أى شئ فأردت التأكيد لهم بنفسى عدم وجود أى خلاف فأنا شخصيا أعشق الجميل عمرو دياب كواحد من جمهوره و أحترم ذكائه و حبه لفنه.

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