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Hillary Clinton at the Hyatt Regency Sharm

Hyatt Regency as the preferred hotel for all delegations visiting Sharm El Sheikh was chosen to accommodate the US Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton during her recent visit to Sharm El
Sheikh to attend the International Conference in support of the Palestinian Economy for the Reconstruction of Ghaza. Mrs. Clinton acknowledged the resort’s fantastic array of exquisite restaurants; sophisticated conference and leisure facilities which promises to make the hotel a top choice world-wide. The picture shows Mr. Stefan Gaessler, General Manager and Mr. Yousry Ali, Resident Manager of the hotel welcoming Mrs. Clinton upon her arrival.



Miss Ukraine @ Sheraton Sharm

Mr.Firas Irsheidat, the Hotel General Manager, Crowned the winner, the dazzling Miss Ukraine Beauty Queen and valuable prizes awarded to the Ukrainian Beauty Queens. In a joyful and cheerful evening glittered in a most glamorous and luxurious setting, Sheraton Sharm Hotel, Resort, Villas & Spa hosted the Miss Ukraine Beauty Queen pageant. Twenty Ukrainian Beauty Queens strolled on the catwalk to win the title of Miss Ukraine and the diamond studded crown. The Hotel was chosen by “Tez Tour” travel agency, to be the venue for Miss Ukraine Beauty Queen contest.



Adidas Spring/Summer Collection

Adidas has introduced the new spring/summer women’s collection, a distinctive and inspirational new range that showcases the brand’s philosophy across different brands of sportswear. Launched at all adidas stores, the collection also include the exclusive line of yoga-wear from world-renowned yoga instructor and adidas global yoga expert, Rainbeau Mars.



First Marriott in France

The first franchised Courtyard by Marriott property in France will open in late 2010 under an agreement reached between Marriott International (MAR:NYSE) and Societe Hoteliere de Boulogne. The 115-room, moderate-tiered Courtyard by Marriott Paris Boulogne will be located in the redevelopment of an historic building that was originally owned by the Banque de France at 114 Route de la Reine in the city center of Boulogne-Paris. The original edifice will house the hotel’s public areas including an open, spacious lobby, bar and restaurant; 336 square meters of conference space, a fitness facility and some guest rooms. An addition will be built behind and above the existing building, including three additional floors of guest rooms.

بالعربى إلى ...

مبروك يا عريس
1988 كنت بشتغل فى فندق على النيل, كان الفندق زحمةجدا وعلى أخره ومفيش غرف فاضية وكانت الساعة 2 الصبح وفاضل عندى غرفة واحدة فاضية محجوزة للعروسين اللى فرحهم عندى فى الفندق فى قاعة من القاعات, وعلى الساعة 2.30 الصبح دخل علياراجل مهم جدا من الناس اللى مينفعش تقوله مفيش غرفة فاضية وكما توقعت طلب منى غرفة, أو بمعنى أصح أمرنى !!! معرفتش أتصرف إزاى أديله إيه... أديله الغرفة...؟ طب والعريس والعروسة, وليلة الدخلة.. إزاى..؟؟؟ ولا أقوله إيه؟.. طب تعمل إيه يا واد... تعمل إيه؟ وجاتلى فكرة شيطانية هتعرفوها دلوقتى. اديت الغرفة للراجل وطلع وبعد شوية جانى أبو العريس يطلب منى مفتاح الغرفة بتاعت العريس فقولت للراجل غرفة إيه؟ أنا جالى واحد وقلى إلغى حجز غرفة العريس علشان هو هيسافر بعد الفرح على طول (طبعا الكلام ده محصلش) الراجل أبو العريس قال ايه يا اخويا.. مين اللى قالك كدة؟!! فقلت له أنا أعرف شكله بس..

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