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Dalia's Word

Occasions… Occasions…The Bairum Feast and Christmas are approaching with all their joy. During the holiday and feast seasons the sense of the family, love of friends and the spirit of giving are reflected in the air and mood. It is great to have many occasions and this is why we could not miss this opportunity to bring our readers an assortment of fashion both casual and dressy to celebrate the holiday season in their best look. I hope our selections would meet your expectations.
DG Starlite hosts this issue Latifa…she has proven truly that she is ´A star for all times´. She is innovative, fashionable and able to compete gracefully throughout the years. This issue there is an array of interviews inside. Mayar El Giethy is a new young actress who has proved herself in a very short time. Hana Abaza met with Mayar to talk about her dreams and plans. Nancy is the only woman who plays the conga instrument in Egypt and the Middle East. Beyond doubt, ´Nancy is beating all the odds´ Christine Solomon is an Egyptian/ Canadian young actress who is striving to achieve a career in Hollywood… she believes that nothing is impossible with determination and will. She has ´her eye on Broadway´ too since she loves the theatre.
Angelina Jolie is a beautiful actress and mother, who I think is determined to have a large family just like the Brady Bunch. She is beyond any doubt a caring mother, a prominent actress and a recognized humanitarian whose work all over the world is noteworthy. Read more about her inside…
DG features this issue are out of the ordinary… do you know your friends well? I think this a question that we don’t ask ourselves often... in “Fake Vs Real: The who’s who of your friends…” you will be able to categorize your friends and know who the energy givers and the energy suckers are? If you are an ABBA fan, then you will sure be fascinated by Mamma Mia movie, it truly brings back the ABBA fever. Our beauty features include, “Winter Skin
Care Tips” and “Why Winter Weight Gain Happens And What We Can Do?”
Did you plan your next holiday? If not; then look inside in DG all around section for wonderful ideas and destinations in Egypt and around the world. Also read about the most amazing hotels in the world.
DG business section has a variety of articles that will suit many tastes. Ever heard of SEO (search engine optimization), Mr. Andoni Khoury explains inside in an extensive interview all about it. There are a variety of articles inside such as, “Characteristics
of a successful networker”, “5 Keys to an ideal partnership”, “The greatest Entrepreneurial secret” and many more …
Last but not least Merry Christmas and Happy Feast

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