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Latifa has always been different, distinct and unique in the music field. She never gave up her principles and self respect for anything though there are many temptations around. She has always respected her audiences’ taste. Latifa is considered an idol for many rising singers. For many years she has been on the top of the music charts. Latifa>s New Album “In the past few days” has been released July 2008 by Rotana Company. It was long awaited by her fans, and it was worth the wait since it is diversified and full of emotions.
Latifa was born on February the 14th in Manouba, Tunisia. Latifa’s personality was pretty much affected by her surroundings in Tunisia, where serenity of nature and tranquility is wide spread. Tunisia is famous for the abundance of the green and white colors that are always associated with truth and honesty which became an important part of Latifa’s personality. As an Aquarian born on Valentine’s Day, she is very emotional, sociable, idealist, and a utopian always searching for perfection.
Latifa believes deeply that every artist must have strong social obligations towards their nation’s issues. Latifa always participated in many events supporting the Palestinian and Iraqi issues. She has many songs reflecting the Arab political problems. She has established recently “Latifa Charity Foundation” to be the first institution for an Arab artist to support the benevolent activities in the region and throughout the world. The foundation is supposed to be organizing benevolent art tours including great artists, touring almost all countries and regions in the Arab world to support the projects and the goals of Latifa’s foundation. Among Latifa’s charity activities, this year she recorded an advertisement For the Egyptian Food Bank; it was broadcasted in many radio and media channels. In addition she was a guest of honor in Mohamed Mounir’s charity concert for the support of victims of El Doweka. Moreover, for the third year in a row, Latifa recorded the Iftar prayers in Ramadan.
In 2004, Latifa received the World Music Award from Las Vegas for the great success of her song “Ma Etrohsh Ba’ed” as best in Arabic countries of the mentioned year. She is considered to be one of the few Arab singers who received such award. Latifa also
received several important national and international Awards, but her greatest happiness was when Tunisian President, Zein Alabdeen Bin Ali, granted her the medal of Cultural Merit as an appreciation for her effort in giving an honorable image of the Tunisian artist and being proud of her country in every place she travels to.
Latifa performed countless of successful concerts on great stages in different parts of the world. She had concerts in Cartage ancient theater in Tunisia, and in Jerash ancient theater in Jordan. Latifa also had only one, but very successful concert in 1997 in Albert Hall, London and several concerts in Paris. Latifa first and only experience in film making was with the very famous Egyptian and international director Yousif Shaheen who directed her movie “Silence…we’re rolling” in 2001 through a French- Egyptian coproduction. It was critically acclaimed movie. Latifa was very happy and honored to work with a great director such as Yousif Shaheen. She was the guest of honor in the Middle East International Film Festival in Abu Dhabi, and participated in Yousif Shaheen’s film forum with many other great artists.
During the festival, Latifaexpressed er deep sorrow for the loss of Yousif Shaheen as he has enriched the Arab Cinema throughout his eternal works.
Latifa participated in one of the most distinguished plays produced and directed by one of the most important figures in the theatre history Mansour Rahbany, as a leading actress in the drama play “Reign of the shepherds” along with many Lebanese actors. It was then said that Latifa has mastered performing the Lebanese dialect as the first time!

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