May 22, 2024  


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It is all about Customer Satisfaction

Caring about your customers Ė and ultimately showing it through your service - gives you a high return on the time, effort and money you invest. Customer satisfaction can make or break a business. Every little step you can take to ensure that your customers are satisfied and happy to return will be yet one more step toward your financial success. Loyal customers are well worth nurturing, they buy more regularly and the cost of selling to them is almost nothing, whereas finding new customers is an expensive business. Customer loyalty begins with showing that you have a desire to help them overcome any problem in your area of expertise. On the contrary, an unfulfilled customer is a direct reflection on your performance. Dissatisfied clients will complain about you to an average of ten other potential clients, multiplying the damage to your reputation. The tips below will provide a greater insight into understanding and identifying what you must pay attention to, offering simple suggestions that will enable all businesses to exceed the expectations and reap the rewards:

  • Every communication with the customer is a chance to make an impression or to disappoint.
  • Concentrate your efforts on the needs of the customer - not on what suits you to sell.
  • Use your personal skills. 
  • Only sell your customers the products they need, not the products that your company wants to sell.
  • Provide the most convenient service you can. 
  • Set low minimum order levels, especially for regular customers. 
  • Minimize the amount of paperwork your customers are required to do, paperless organization are very much endearing to customers.
  • If things go wrong, inform customers as soon as possible and donít try to find excuses, in order to minimize disturbance at the receiving end.
  • Set up a production process that ensures fewer defects, rather than relying on inspection of the finished product.
  • Offering excellent after-sales service is the magic key for edging your business ahead of the competition.
  • Consider how you will stay in touch. 
  • Encourage complaints and deal with them effectively. 
  • Give your frontline employees the authority to deal quickly with complaints themselves.
  • Keep track of whether you meet the standards you have set. 
  • Train your employees with the appropriate technical and personal skills. 

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