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Sally Abdel Salam A new Talent on the path

Insistence is her key word to everything, when she wants something; she works real hard to get it. Her beauty wasn’ her pass to stardom as she started as Radio presenter and kept the hard work to prove her talent for her next move and dream to be a TV presenter. Don’t miss this interview with Sally Abdel Salam, the renowned lovely voice.

Sally Abdel Salam graduated from the New Brunswick international University in Cairo, majored in Business. After graduation she decided to study for a Radio & Television diploma at the AUC University as she love this career because her parents refused to let her study it from the beginning, but at the end they accepted and started working as Radio presenter at Mega FM Radio since four years presenting a program called “Khaly Bokra A7la” with Wael Mansour, and another program called”Talqa 3al Tareeq” on Radio Channel 90,90.

What can you say about Nagham FM, Nogoom FM, and Radio Masr?
Where is my Radio Channel (laughing), well Nogoom FM is the pioneer and it succeeded by all means and the more time goes, it succeed more. Nagham FM is my beloved source of music, I love it and all the presenters there are my friends. As for Radio Masr it is the accurate source of news in Egypt and it is a very successful network.

What is your favorite talk show?
I love Lamis El Hadidy so much and couldn’t believe myself when she congratulated me after joining CBC in Ramadan and she told me that she love my show, it was like a dream to me. Her show is the most talk show I watch and also I love Khairy Ramadan and Amr Adib. But I stopped watching political shows as I feel so down when I watch them and I need positive energy.

How do you deal with: fear, rumors, fans, and jealousy?
I deal with fear by ignoring it and insisting on overcoming this feeling. For rumors, at first I used to get furious from it but by time I started not to care especially that my family never believed any of these rumors. I deal with my fans with love. As for jealousy if it is concerning my work I just leave it behind me and work harder to reach the success I aim for.

Tell us about your precious memories?
My award from Dear guest and the moment I received it, is a precious memory to me, and all the wonderful times I spend with my friends at work is full of precious memories to my heart.

At last what would you like to say?
I would like to thank you for this lovely interview and to tell my family that I love them so much and without their support to me I wouldn’t have reach any thing or fulfill any of my dreams.

By: Ahmed Hamid   

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