May 22, 2024  


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letter from dalia

Well, it is summer-time and it seems that this summer will be too hectic and the weather will be extremely blistering. Just like Egypt nowadays with all the problems and all the political disturbances it’s facing. We ask God to grant Egypt peace and stability and to solve all its problems.

Of course everyone is keen to escape from this heat and to plan a refreshing gateway to slightly relax from this frenzied life we are living nowadays. That’s why DG geared up for its readers a “DG All Around” chock-full chapter to lend a hand with deciding their most desired destinations.

And as DG is keen and always will be to spotlight the efforts of the artists on all fields and to emphasis the importance of art from singing to acting to directing, etc… DG organized the sixth Middle East Music Awards (MEMA) 2012 to honor the best singers, composers, lyrics writers, music producers, everything related to music in a huge and elegant party at the Grand Nile Tower hotel. The event was so successful and all the invitees enjoyed the night highly. All about the MEMA in this issue…

DG Starlite section is hosting the uprising female singer Sandy. In this interview, Sandy candidly talks about her tale with singing and how she accomplished it. We are also hosting the uprising actor Mohamed Amer in our Who’s That Face section. Don’t miss our interviews for this issue.

We would also like to congratulate Mr. Sameh Abdel Qawy for being among the top ten winners at the R W driving skills Rally competition. DG magazine sponsored Mr. Sameh at this competition and wishes him the best of luck in all his future ventures.

Don’t miss Magda Dagher’s summer collection 2013 for wedding and soiree attires. Magda held a successful fashion show at the Dubai Expo forum. The collection wowed the attendees. Congratulations Magda and keep it up….

Our features for this issue are diverse and full of interesting topics, we have ‘The White elephant in the room’ by Radwa Moussa, ‘The Undeniable value of Woman’ by Nadirah Angel, ‘Expectations’ by Hesham El Dahmy, ‘Dining Etiquette’ by Salwa Afify, ‘The truth about us’ by Kawthar Afifi, and ‘Your Wedding’ by Dahlia Nassar. Have a great time, and best regards till next issue…

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