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A powerful personality and an expressive voice to match, Sandy Star is now being played on the chart topping realms across Egypt and abroad. This girl is not only talented - but she’s full of energy and charisma. DG managed to have a slot squeezed into this young lady’s wild schedule and chatted to her about life, theology and ambitions…

Please introduce yourself to DG readers…
I am a simple, typical person leading a normal life and, I love Music more than anything.

Tell us about your duo with Karl Wolf; is it a step towards international stardom and more duets with further international singers?
Well, it was a very good step and the timing couldn’t be better. Nowadays the audiences are looking for a different kind of music and they like to hear a variety of oriental, western, and all kinds of music. I am sure I will repeat this experience again but in a different way as I like rejuvenation.

What about the MTV award and you being nominated for it?
I was thrilled when I heard that and especially that I exerted a lot of effort in my last album and felt so happy about this nomination.

They have been saying that the real reason behind your stardom is the video clips, what do you say?
This is not true of course; the artistic work is a whole unit that must be admired as a whole. So my songs with its lyrics, music and picture are a whole unit that can’t be divided and my fans love my songs as a whole.

Your fans are mostly from teenagers and youth, does that please you?
Yes of course it does and that makes me like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and others.

Are you worried about art and the future of singing in the presence of El Ekhwan and Islamists regime?
I fear no one except God, and Egypt will always be regarded the Eastern Hollywood.

How do rumors have an effect on Sandy?
I don’t care at all about rumors; I only concentrate on my work.

Due to the current political and security situation in Egypt, we don’t see a lot of singing events, does that upset you?
Of course it does but I held my events normally as we can’t stop working and life must go on, also the success of my album helped me a lot in my events.

Are you planning to make albums for kids as Nancy Ajram and Haifaa Wahby?
Their experiences were so successful and I wish to sing for the children as I love children so much and wish to please them.

Do you have any acting plans?
Yes I will insh-Allah, and too soon as I love acting and feel I can present something good.

What about theater?
Theater is a very important step and needs complete devotion and dedication. I am not yet ready for this step.

What about presenting TV shows, especially for youth and teenagers?
Maybe, if it will be a huge production and something respectable and positive to the youth.

Can you present a religious album?
Of course I can and wish to do that.

Have you been treated unfairly during your career?
Not by the meaning of the word literally, but I was misguided by some people and that affected my choices at my beginnings and of course delayed my singing career. But thanks to God that has completely changed now.

Fashion, stardom, and motherhood; what do these words mean to you?
I am crazy about fashion but I choose what suits me. Motherhood is a dream for every girl since childhood and I ask God to grant me my wish. Stardom is nothing to me and never changed me. It is only a huge responsibility and I only care about my fans and how to please them.

What about your hobbies?
Music and singing were my only hobbies but recently I found that I enjoy reading and playing the guitar.

What makes you cry?
When I am on stage and hear the people singing my songs and also old people make me cry a lot. I feel so touched when I see old people and how they become weak.

If you like to send love messages, to whom would you like to send and what would you like to say?
To my country Egypt; I love you my beloved country and no one can ever deform you and you will always be Om El Donia.

To my mother; without you I would have never been here, you are the light of my life and the key of my success and ambition.

To the youth and my fans; I love you all so much and you must be keen about fulfilling your dreams and be patient until you reach your goals.

“To the youth and my fans; I love you all so much and you must be keen about fulfilling your dreams and be patient until you reach your goals.”

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