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Medhat Saleh

In a market that has become flooded with new talents from all over the region, he has managed to stand apart as a distinct and inspired singer. In this candid interview with Medhat Saleh, his light-hearted nature and charming persona are revealed as he tells us his remarkable story, and exudes the calm poise of a man
who proved his points long agoÖ

If you werenít Medhat Saleh the great singer, what else would you have liked to be?
Every one of us has dreams and hopes until the right time comes to fulfill these dreams. Throughout my life and especially my beginnings, I always had people to guide me and tell me what to do. Dr. Yousef Shawky used to tell me, it is very important to finish my college first and then start my singing career, because you canít guarantee anything. I wanted to be a dentist and other times I thought of becoming a neurosurgeon. I finished faculty of Art.
Have you ever dreamt to live during the old times, with Abdel Halim Hafez and Om Kalthoum?
No one can change time or live in another time. Dreams and hopes should be for the future, not for the past. You can look back to the past and gain experiences, learn from those legendary greats - but live your own time. I belong here and am extremely pleased with everything I reached.

Have you ever thought of doing a movie about your life story, especially because it is packed with so many details?
I believe, the people know everything about me since my beginnings, I have nothing to hide. That said; I never thought of doing a movie about my life.

Do you consider the transformation of the peopleís taste in singing and the kind of music they listen to is something positive or negative with regards to the singing field?
This is life, things change according to lifeís rhythm. However this doesnít mean that the songs now are not nice. Every time has its demands, and what really matters is the good quality of the song at all times. The talented singer will impose his voice and songs, and the people can distinguish between the good and bad.

You are a graduate of Al Azhar University and studied Al Quran Al Kareem by heart, where are Medhat Salahís religious songs?
Well, I did a lot of religious songs since last Ramadan. They are broadcasted till now. And of course my relationship with God doesnít need songs, it is something spiritual which started since my early childhood, and I worked hard to support it throughout my life.

Did either of your children inherit your incredible talent and wish to join the music industry?
I have a boy and a girl. Hania is studying editing at the Cinema Institute, and Adham is studying at the faculty of Mass Communication, third year. He applied for the Radio tests for singing and sang infront of great singing masters. He succeeded without my help, except my guidance. He is a very good singer.

Who do you think are Medhat Salehís ancestor in singing, and who do you like to sing with from the feminine voices at the Opera House, who do you think is a real talent?
No individual is like the other. I believe that it wasnít fair to Hany Shaker when they said he is Abdel Halimís copy. Everyone has his own personality. Maybe there are imitators and these people donít last long within the singing field. From the ladies at the Opera House I like Riham Abdel Hakim, Amira, Somaya, and Mai Farouk. They are really talented. They achieved a lot of success at the Opera House.

Why do you like Agamy so much, and while you are traveling who do you listen to?
I listen to all the new stuff; I like Angham and Magda El Roumy but there are certain voices I canít stop listening to; Om Kalthoum, Fayrouz, and Abdel Wahab. I love Alexandria a lot and know it by heart. I love Agamy and to me Agamy is the sea. I am an old friend to the sea. It always makes me happy; I love the sea, music and reading.

What do you think of the singers that started acting? Particularly that you are one of them? Which one is closest to your heart?
There are many singers that succeeded in acting, but for me in my opinion I am only a guest in the cinema. I am a singer and always will be. I respect my experiences in acting and cherish them a lot.

How can you describe these words?
Thanks to God I am not worried any more about the future; I am satisfied about everything and feel so comfortable.
Remorse: A word that should be associated to an incident that is dreadfully cruel and I have never been cruel, so I never feel remorse.
Jealousy: There are many kinds of jealousy, but artistic jealousy is acceptable as long as it is earnest, and for the best. There are no wars in any kind of art. Art means love, passion, and graciousness.
Mother: I miss her.

If Medhat Saleh will be a judge in the MEMA 2010 jury, who will you choose for the best singer award?
I love to listen to Loay, Hamaki, Khaled Selim, and Abdel Fatah El Gereny. I am afraid I might forget someone. But, in the end whoever will work harder will deserve it.

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