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How to achieve and maintain a healthy head with beautiful hair…

Chilly weather is on its way. Along with this blast of cool invigorating air on the outside of our living and working quarters comes dry indoor heat. Both of these happen to be two of the top enemies of luscious looking hair, subsequent to the chemical damage of hair perms and coloring. Don’t hide your hair under a wooly hat this winter, even if it is a designer brand with a chic price tag. The havoc that combination can bring to your hair is avoidable with a few careful purchases and a basic daily plan. If your hair is your crown and glory, then why not give it the royal treatment? Follow these quick and easy tips to a mane of hair that will have even the king of the jungle turning his head for a second glance. Put your best tress forward in the coming season, and start growing gorgeous locks that Rapunzel will envy:

Adequate Diet
Forget hair revitalizing shampoos, great nutrition is the most effective way of getting awesome hair!
Shiny, healthy hair is a reflection of a healthy body, so it’s like two for the price of one. Just like your body, your hair needs a balanced, nutritious diet to stay healthy. So follow this recipe for healthier hair, and be amaze at the difference it makes!
Hair growth depends on an adequate diet. A widespread diet problem which causes loss of hair is iron deficiency - Anemia. The cause is little iron in blood, brought on by a diet containing little meat, eggs, cereals or peas and beans. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also needed to provide vitamin C, which enables the body to absorb iron.

Water makes up one-fourth of the weight of a strand of hair. Moisture makes the hair supple, so make sure you get plenty of fluids. A key point is NOT to wait until you’re thirsty. If you’re thirsty, it means your body has already lost more water than it should have, and it’s urging you to fill up the tank. Water not only hydrates your body, but helps keep your hair silky and shiny.  Ideally, you should drink between eight and ten glasses of water a day.

If your locks are limp, lifeless, and slow growing, Protein is the building block of hair, so a diet for healthy hair contains an awful lot of protein!
Protein will give the shaft of your hair more strength, and will reduce the likelihood of dame through snapping and splitting. You can get protein from foods like fish, meat, milk, cheese and cereals. Eggs, beans and seeds, whole grains, and low-fat diary or soy products. Don’t skimp on the fat - the GOOD fat, that is. Good fats are Omega 3 Fatty Acids that are found in fish, almonds and walnuts. If you do not eat enough of these types of foods, consider taking a fish oil supplement or cod liver oil daily.

Some important Essential oils and their uses include:




Basil oil

For Oily hair


Tee tree oil

For Dandruff


Rosemary oil

Helps hair grow



Treating Scalp dryness



Treating Scalp itchiness

Carrier oils are oils that help in improving the texture of the hair and can be used for conditioning. Some of the important carrier oils and their uses include:




Coconut oil

For moisturizing


Castor oil

To add shine


Jojoba oil

To regulate serum


Almond oil

To add luster


Olive oil

To add shine and gloss to the hair and also remove dryness

• Iron helps to carry oxygen to the hair. Without enough iron, hair and its follicles get starved of oxygen. This means that the goodness in the root of your hair is much less effective along the length of the strand. You can increase your iron intake by eating red meat and dark green vegetables, or by iron supplements.
• Zinc builds hair protein which helps to prevent hair loss. Meat and seafood are the foods highest in zinc.
• Copper is involved in the pigmentation of hair. You can optimize your natural color with a diet with plenty of copper. Who needs hair dye and fake color! Shellfish, liver, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and meat are all high in copper.

Vitamins (get your ABC’s)
• Vitamin A will give you a healthy scalp, because it s great for the skin! You can get vitamin A from foods like vegetables - in particular, in carrots. (So it’s good for the waistline too!)
• Vitamin B and C are important for good circulation, hair growth and hair color. If you ensure that you have enough vitamin B and C, you will have strong, supple strands of hair that do not split. You can get these vitamins from eating foods like fruit, vegetables, cereals, eggs, milk and bread. So, follow this healthy guide and be sure to add in a hefty dose of daily exercise to keep that blood pumping then add proper hair care on the surface! Go ahead!
Try it!

Cutting the hair
Although cutting the hair is not essential to its well-being, it is easier to keep the scalp clean if the hair is kept reasonably short. Regular cutting does not make the hair grow strong or faster.

Hot Oil Massage
A traditional treatment for dry hair is the hot oil massage treatment. The idea behind this treatment is that the hair is dry because it is devoid of needed oils. By drenching the hair in heated oil, the oil will penetrate the shaft of the hair, moisturizing each strand. The only way that hot oil falls in line with dry hair remedies is when it is done with all natural essential oils. Other types of oils are not small enough to penetrate the shaft of the hair, and actually lead to build up, which eventually leads to more dry hair.

How to do it:
After heating the oil, remember to test the heat of the oil by placing a drop on your inner wrist, as this will prevent first degree burns or scalding of scalp if the oil that is used is too hot. Once the oil is tested to be at the right temperature, the hot oil treatment then includes an invigorating massage. Hair should be gently parted using a comb and the oil applied onto the scalp using a cotton swab. The oil should cover every part of the scalp and care should be taken that no part of the scalp is left out. A wide toothed comb should then be used to gently comb the hair; this would act as an additional massage for the root tips and also help in easing out tangles. The warm oil will be absorbed better than oil at room temperature and a soothing massage by moving the tips of the fingers gently in a circular motion will aid in absorption of the oil and will also help relieve stress. The massage may be extended to the neck and shoulders for added benefit. After you are done with the massage, dip a towel in hot water and wring out the excess water. Use the hot towel to wrap your hair and let it remain for at least a few minutes, ideally for half an hour. This will help retain moisture and provide better conditioning to your hair. Finally wash your hair after the hot oil treatment using a mild shampoo and do not use any conditioner. The oil that is used for the hot oil treatments can be prepared at home and such homemade oil treatments are inexpensive and easy to prepare. The treatment mixture should contain a mix of essential oils and carrier oils. Essential oils help in various hair conditions.

When 2 or 3 oils are mixed together, a teaspoon full of each of the oils should be added. When more number of oils is included, the essential oils should be included in larger amounts and a few drops of all carrier oils should be added.

Olive oil for hair treatment is one of the best ancient beauty secrets, the benefits of which have been appreciated for many centuries. Olive oil provides a double whammy with its ability to moisturize and add shine to the hair as well as to remove dandruff, so this oil is the oil of choice for many. The hot olive oil treatment will help in nourishing the hair and providing strength and vitality that would aid in giving hair the extra bounce and brilliance.

“These tips are the best for getting right to the root of lackluster, dull, limp, or slow-growing hair”

Various tips from trusted individual
• “Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice into your shampoo. It gives natural, gorgeous highlights and keeps hair healthy.”
• “Once or twice a month, condition your hair with mayonnaise! It sounds gross, but surprisingly, it’s the best way to deep condition your hair.”
• “Put a small amount of vinegar in your hair before dying it.”
• “Try a hair glaze--it’ll make your damaged, color-treated hair shine!”
• “Straightening your hair can make the color dull, so cut down on your iron time by conditioning your hair at night and not washing it out. Sleep on your hair wet and comb it through in the morning. This reduces straightening time by 30 minutes!”
• “Rinse your conditioner out with cold water. It makes the product set in and adds great shine!”
• “Mash up an avocado and run your wet hands through your hair. Then, plastic-wrap your hair and leave it in for an hour. This works as a great conditioner!”
• These tips are the best for getting right to the root of lackluster, dull, limp, or slow-growing hair. Soon enough you’ll be turning down offers to do shampoo commercials!

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