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Sofia Marikh

Looking at a bright future…

Sofia Marikh, a young Moroccan singer who has been influenced tremendously by the French culture. She did several Moroccan and French commercials, which led her to partake in a French movie when she was only 15, alongside legendary actress Sofia Loren, which has influenced her a lot in her life. She became known in the Middle East through her participation in Star Academy… Her dreams and aspirations are endless…

Who is Sofia Marikh?
She is a girl who had the opportunity to live her dream through a song and continued to live her life within her realm.

Can you brief us on the details of your appearance with French Movie Star Alan Dillon in the AMFAR event which was fundraising Cancer research?
I had the pleasure of meeting the international French Movie star Alan Dillon in Paris through a mutual friend during the Cannes Festival. We discussed a song project - but nothing has been set yet.

When you were 15 you participated in a French movie called Soleil, can you tell us about it?
I starred in a movie with the Italian star SOPHIA LOREN when I was 15 years old and it was the greatest moment and experience of my life.

Do you think that the French movies and arts have influenced your theme of video clips, in terms of how daring they are, example “Baheb Fik” clip?
The feelings that both I and the viewer get from my songs guide my video clips, “Baheb Fik” was slightly out of limits but according to me my limits are always there even though I passed them in this clip.

Why did the love story between you and Bachar ElShatty end up by the end of Star Academy season, and were you depressed afterwards?
I was never depressed, perhaps I’m a little too young for the depression phase and with regards to Bachar it was the Star Academy atmosphere that increased the sparkles more than it actually was.

You have released a Moroccan Song called “Nmout Aliek” which was broad casted on Kuwaiti TV, was it a message for Bachar in any way?
“Nmout Aliek” is a gift from me to Morocco, the country that I adore and always miss and for all the people who support and love me.

People have known you in Lebanon through Star Academy; do you think you have made a base in Egypt?
The Egyptian people are the hardest; my 3 clips were in the Egyptian language. I don’t know how many more I should do to let Egypt “Oum el Dounia” love and adopt me the Moroccan.
What are you working on nowadays?
At the moment I am the politician of Single people, and very soon I will be doing a clip of the new Egyptian song - hopefully it will be a success. A new album in the French language will be released but I still don’t have the date of its release.

You have been surrounded with many rumors especially about love stories, how do you react to rumors in general?
I don’t really take in consideration what the media write about me, and sometimes I don’t read it - I prefer to concentrate on my work.

What are you looking for in your dream guy?
He must be sensible, and mustn’t be superficial, and he ought to be amusing because I don’t like people who are very strict.

One word answer please;
Betrayal :weakness
Future :optimistic

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