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letter from Dalia

“Sometimes our fate resembles afruit tree in winter. Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it”.

Happy new winter season - dear readers. Happy Eid Adha, and wishing you all a Merry Christmas. The coming days are joyful, full of feasts and celebrations so get prepared to enjoy it to the utmost and plan your vacation appropriately.

In this issue we strived to cover the best from whatever we could to help you in choosing all your needs for this time of the year starting from deciding on your favorite destination for the holidays, knowing all about the latest trends for makeup, hairstyles, and clothes for this time of year and the upcoming seasons. What’s more, we’ve covered all the latest events that happened throughout the preceding couple of months, so that all our readers experience the core of each event, both locally and globally.

Our regular chapters continue to host the finest and most booming celebrities nowadays. In our Starlite section we interviewed the Fearless & Fabulous Dorra. In this exclusive interview we will get to know the real Dorra Zarrouk like never before in a multi-sided chat, where she will express all her true feelings and fears.

The great and beloved Medhat Saleh is our host in DG Celebrity; he is lightening the music industry with his beautiful songs since a long time ago. We all grew up hearing the legendary song “Kaw-Kab Tany”, and watched him singing his greatest songs at the Opera House Theatre. Medhat Saleh will tell us all about his remarkable story.

Also inside DG Interview section, we speak with Sofia Marikh, the young Moroccan singer whom we got to know during her involvement in the program ‘Star Academy’ and who is highly influenced by the French culture. Read all about her inside.

DG is introducing a new chapter with our new Creative Director Nira Ebada who is working with us from London, UK, and it is called DG Nira’s. Nira wanted to introduce herself and her work to all our dear readers in her own words; “This is my new segment with Dear Guest magazine I will be bringing you the latest trends from the world of high end fashion, including exclusive interviews with leading designers and bloggers-Exclusive world’s key hot spots and latest events”. In her first chapter with Dear Guest, she embraced us with a list of the latest from the fashion industry from all over the world. The famous blogger Tala Samman’s interview, Milan Fashion week,Shop and Donate event, Belle Femme Spa in Dubai, and our exclusive fashion shoot. In addition to Collette Dinnigan’s Show in our fashion section. The contrast of lemon and mint in her latest collection against elaborate lyrical prints arrested the audience and ricocheting a fantasy of spirit and was highly admired by all the attendees.

“How to achieve and maintain a healthy head with beautiful hair” by Nermine El Ramlawy, and the “Mental health benefits of exercise” are the two articles in cluded in our beauty section. Don’t miss this part as it is priceless to all the women.

Moving to our vastly heaving chapter, DG Features. We’re offering plenty of attention-grabbing, and constructive articles; the breakup, seasons change of mood, mother knows best, are we speaking the same language, an emerging healing arts language, plus our interactive question “Do people deserve a second chance?” and our quiz by Dahlia Nassar “Do you turn people on or off?”. Don’t forget to read our DG All Around section to choose the best destinations for your upcoming holidays.

And last but not least discover all the latest tactics for employees’ motivation, importance of branding, team building, the gannt chart, and how to create a job portfolio, in our insightful business section.

Hope this issue will appeal to all of you, and happy holidays…

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